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Sheila Maid ® - The Eco Dryer

Sheila Maid ® - The Eco Dryer

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Sheila Maid ® - The Eco Dryer  really is' The Eco Way To Dry Each Day'
The energy saving Sheila Maid® uses the 'Original Curved Shape' cast iron rack ends - part of the British household for over 100 years.

Its' classic style and purpose puts space to good use in the Kitchen - Utility Room - Storage Room - Tack Room - Garage - Attic - Shop Displays and makes attractive displays of herbs & dried flowers.

It comes complete with everything you need to install it: wooden rails, 2 cast iron rack ends, a single pulley, double pulley, cleat hook and a 10m UK manufactured cotton durable rope.

4 or 6 Rail Sheila Maid®
The 4 rail Sheila Maid is 15.5" wide (39.5cm)wide. The 6 rail Sheila Maid® is 22" wide (56cm). The 2 extra rails will give you 50% more drying space!

There are 2 set lengths to choose from. 1.45 m and 2.13m

The wood we use for our wooden rails is carefully selected by us from sustainable resources. The wood is kiln-dried and given no further treatment. This provides you with a durable rail that will stand up to many years of drying.

Please use drop down menus to choose colour, length and width. The extra for cost in width and lenght will come beside your choice.

Please contact for extra wide options. Call 02 44232041

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