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Alabaster Votives

Alabaster Votives

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Alabaster Votives are accompanied with superb beeswax candles making this paring a luxurious, unique and must-have candle. Alabaster has a subtle translucency that will bring a soft glow to any room.

Each beautiful candle holder is made from natural stone and features variations in texture and grain, making each item one of a kind. The larger sizes have borosilicate glass inserts for ease of cleaning. Our votives have delicate and beautifully formed walls and rims making these a joy to view.

We have teamed with Queen B candles to have a perfect Australian made match with our votives. That way we can be assured of a beautiful clean burn with the best in the market.

Notes: Alabaster when heated becomes opaque, you cannot wash the alabaster in hot water hence the supply of glass inserts in the two larger sizes. It may be better to light the tealight candle in the tall size before putting in the votive. 

As with all candles, use furniture protectors and do not leave unattended.

The small size comes with a tealight in a clear cup of 4-5 burn. Medium and large wide version with a large tea light in a clear cup of 7-8 burn.

A larger 4cm pillar is available for the larger wide candle if you prefer a bigger taller candle. Use drop down to select this candle. This has a burn time of approx 10-12 hours.

Sizes: handmade so slight variance is possible

Small - 5.5cm wide x 3cm high

Medium - 6.5 wide x 8.5cm high

Large - 9cm wide x 5cm high

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