Silver Plant Mister - Heaven in Earth
Silver Plant Mister - Heaven in Earth

Silver Plant Mister

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Silver Plant Mister helps indoor plants retain moisture in dry conditions, and do it in style with the mist sprayer with press plunger action. It's a super stylish and is as beautiful as it is functional, making it a great accessory for plant shelves.

This stunning water distributing device is a must-have for plant lovers. Display it next to a potted fern in your bathroom, plant shelf or windowsill, so it's always convenient to keep your plants healthy and hydrated.

Ideal for thirsty indoor plants, orchids, tropical plants and propagating plants. 280ml


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  • Hi, I was wondering if any parts of the mister are plastic. I recently purchased one that had a glass body but the business end wasn't metal as expected but was made of 'silver coloured' plastic. ?

    Hi, yes I know!
    This one is not only very well priced but also not plastic!



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