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Leather handled Secateurs

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Extremely comfortable secateurs with leather grips make these a unique item.

High grade carbon steel offers great cutting power and these are both light and smaller than our other secateurs making them ideal for smaller hands.

Oil after getting wet.


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  • Hi, may I know the main difference between this and the ash handles apart from the leather/ wood handles? How small is it compared to the others? I have the ash handles already and would like to get a new pair. Thank you!

    The leather handles are carbon steel. They retain sharness for longer but will rust more.
    They also suit a smaller hand.
    Thank you

  • I'm interested in the beautiful Leather handled Secateurs (that I saw posted on Instagram). So you ship to the UK perchance?

    I believe so!
    We do send to USA or NZ.
    the website should guide you through.

    thank you!



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