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Sauce & Gratin Pan Care Instructions


Before using any products we recommend to wash them with hot water and soft detergents and dry them. Consequently grease the inside with oil or butter and then wash them again. We strictly recommend to use moderate flames as aluminium cookware has a high heat conductivity and do not need high
temperature. As option you can use a flame breaker. High flames can damage the cookware. Scale-marks can appear on the surface, if you do not boil water before adding salt. Silicon and wooden kitchen tools are recommended to avoid scratches on the surface.


Our ceramic bowls are dishwasher-safe and suited for the oven up to 600 degrees, they can be used to preserve food in the refrigerator and freezer. Not suited to cook on an open flame. Let them cool before storing them in the refrigerator. Microwave safe. In order to avoid thermal shock, do not put the cold ceramics
directly INTO the oven.


The maintenance of aluminium products is simple. With their usage they can get darker, but this reaction does not compromise their use. This is a natural reaction of the material. All aluminium products can be hand-washed with soft detergents and sponges to avoid scratches and dark spots on the surface.


  1. Hot water and vinegar. Simply use vinegar and hot water, as detergents
  2. Boil water and vinegar in the cookware to eliminate spots on the surface
  3. Clean aluminium surface with lemon or tomato juice
  4. Alcohol and olive oil. Prepare a mixture of 25 ml of alcohol and 25 ml of olive oil. This mixture has to be applied with a soft cloth and then washed with water