Bamboo Plant Cloche - Heaven in Earth
Bamboo Plant Cloche - Heaven in Earth

Bamboo Cloche

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Bamboo cloche, made from split bamboo, woven to form cloche.

Please note our latest batch are beautifully made but are thinner bamboo. No outer bark. Making them perfect light shades, but will not last as quite as long outside. We are testing!

Please note these items are handmade and all sizes are approximate. Ideal to help tender plants on their way. Prevents birds from snacking on the seedling and creates microclimate, settling the plants into their new position. Use moss or newspaper to line the inside in frost prone areas. Made fair trade, now we can be assured of paying a proper wage and less air miles now flown.

Alternative use is a light shade, frequently used by stylists and designers.


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  • How tall are the 50 & 40 shades

    Approx as tall as they are wide. Approx.
    Thank you

  • Hi What size is the tiny please? Kind regards Claire

    Hi approx 17cm high and wide at the base.



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